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Wazaap is similar to "Pinterest for local events" to provide you with a bird’s eye look at what events are going on in the city (San francisco bay area for now), at night restaurant and nightlife scene. The engine aggregates local events and activities from different websites & blogs then automatically curates them for folks based on their interests. Your website surfaces activities such as music festivals, rock-climbing classes, and art exhibitions, and displays them in a visual and intuitive method to encourage discovery.

San francisco events
Wazaap offers powerful sort, search and filter tools to limit and match people’s interests to what’s happening locally. The top events are sorted depending on their popularity in local media and blogs, as well as on interest shown by our users, therefore the results are more relevant to people. The integration with “Facebook connect” also gives people an easy way to share events they might desire to have a look at using their friends.

San francisco events
The thought behind Wazaap was conceived a year ago by three folks have been constantly annoyed by how hard it had been to acquire a good “bird’s eye” view of that which was going on in San Francisco, beyond the restaurant and nightlife scene. We knew the town was ripe for all sorts of activities - from the typical to the more offbeat - but thought it was frustrating to comb through a huge selection of events spread over multiple sites. Wazaap shows is the ultimate guide for san francisco bay area events,bay area nightlife ,san francisco bay area travel ,san francisco bay area entertainment ,san francisco bay area nightlife ,bay area deals , san francisco bay area discount ,san francisco offers and a lot more…

Wazaap is surely an HTML5 Web app and easily accessible on all browsers. We intend to to produce native app for iOS this month. We're currently in beta for Bay area but plan to expand to other cities in the usa in the next year.

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